25 Jul 2011

Zombie Diary - vol 2.

It was relief.

After the meeting with friends (Asia Lovers meeting) I stayed with my best friendo Isaaca. As always if I'm near to the town she lives in I stayed there in their flat. The meeting was quite good and nice and so I calm down somehow (hell my Eng sucks so much XD I am tired and dumb, gome).

We watched some anime and then...finally... I was able to fall asleep. Not for so long or not good sleep. I was awake few times during the night. But you know after 4 days without sleeping it was really refreshing.

I got home yesterday and I wasn't sure what will happen.

Will I be able to sleep or not?

I've slept. For 3 hours. That's better than nothing really.


Now I am going to try it again.






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