10 Jan 2014

Tom and Jerry I.

You know that moment when Tom is sleeping peacefuly and jerry just sneaky enters the room and tries to wake Tom up by the worst way he can think about?
So that’s exactly the moment.
With pot and wooden spoon in his hadns Jerry stands up above Tom.
While Tom suddenly turns around still seeping. The blanket uncovers his chest.
Oops. Shirtless.
Jerry is frozen.
„Damn!“ whispers Jerry and Tom moans from the dream.
Jerry’s cheeks are going red.
Poking Tom with wooden spoon.
“Hey… Hey..“ frowns.
„Ummmmh?“ Tom slowly waking up.
Tom is on his feets in a second.
„You!!“ shouts and pointing on Jerry. But then he just stops cuz Jerry…
Jerry is staring at him with mouth opened while his face is going all red.

„Damn“ peeps „You…sleep naked!!“

(sorry for just a sketch, I need to finish the illustrations later~)