30 Dec 2014

[FF] Nemluv! (Mino x Taehyun) pt.3

fanfiction WINNER
chapters: 1,2
pairing: Namsong (Mino x Taehyun)

Možná se něco stalo. Možná jsem snil...

29 Dec 2014

[FF] Nemluv! (Mino x Taehyun) pt.2

fanfiction WINNER
chapters: ??
pairing: Namsong (Mino x Taehyun)

"Já ti něco vyberu, hyung, ty nejsi dnes ve formě."
Taehyun už je navlečený v růžovém svetru a přiléhavých džínách.
Já toho kluka nemít, tak bych se občas snad ani neoblíknul....  (pt.1)

28 Dec 2014

Late Marry Christmas and Early Happy New Year!

To summary this year.. I won't.
I was told 2015 is supposed to be my lucky year. Let's see.

I still live for today, not for tomorrow. That's what life taught me.

I hope everyone had peaceful Christmas and I wish ya all just the best for the next year!

27 Dec 2014

[FF] Nemluv! (Mino x Taehyun)

fanfiction WINNER
chapters: ??
pairing: Namsong (Mino x Taehyun)

"Hyung! Hyung!"
-Sakra takhle blbej budík jsem si snad nemoh' nastavit.- Mino tápe po telefonu a snaží se okamžitě umlčet ten otravný zvuk, zatímco Taehyun na něj nechápavě zírá s otevřenou pusou.
"Hyung... jsi v phodě?" zamrká zmatený Taehyun a natahuje se po Minovi zabořeném v polštáři.
- Doprdele, to bude den....-

1 Dec 2014

Hey mou!

How have u been?


U need to chill out.
Ppl are funny creatures.

Let's have fun!

And ofc study and work hard!

Be good to demented people around you.
They can't help it.

Have a nice December and be ready for Santa or whoever the fuck you are okay with in your country!

Never forget:

See ya!

18 Aug 2014

the Moon Jongup

     “I want to be a moon. Bring the light to the people who is walking in the dark.
—  Moon Jongup (B.A.P)

And so I cried

Autumn, sweet Autumn

Everyone is crying cuz summer is almost over.
I am celebrating!

First of all I can't stand hot weather.
Secondly I love autumn and winter. Just because.

Also it's time for my AUTUMN PEARLS, as every year! Excited about the raindrops, haha.

The last week was mostly rainy and cloudy and not hot at all. I am happy for that, hope it will last longer.

Also I am totally bad at replying on messages and studying.
My brain is tired from doing nothing and even if I love autumn it causes me troubles. I can hardly move (viva Brufen!) and my head is like to puke most of the day. Plus insomnia. Not like I am complaining about anything. Just saying.

I should be study with studying instead of this I am active on tumblr and twitter and I am getting tired of it.

Well and I started japanese drama (finally japanese one!!) Bloody Monday (recommended) and since my fave actors are acting there (I didn't check cast before..!) you can imagine me dead here :D

So, everyone, enjoy the last week of hollidays!
And have a nice autumn :P

15 Aug 2014

B.A.P Save Me lyrics


My heart that has passed its expiration date
Was colder than any winter
You cheated me until the end
The love that was supposed to be eternal turned into a nightmare

I try meeting other people but my heart is trapped in a fence
I can’t trust anyone, now no one is by my side
I only look at the passing memories
I really hate you so I throw them away
I hate girls’ lies

Get away Get away Get away
Don’t say my name
I hate this crazy love, crazy

Save Me Oh Save Me
And be careful I’m like fire
From this time that has shattered because of you
Save Me Oh Save Me
And I won’t forget you liar
I can’t take it anymore, leave me (save me)

(You you you)
Before I loved you, I believed in love
The scars in my head, those broken pieces, let me go
I think I’ll go crazy, this love is a trauma

On a warm morning, we promised each other with a smile
A memory-filled ring, the happy times
Just like you, they all left me
I’m confused on what true love is now

The more I think about it, I’m so scared of love
Go away, because of you, my heart is broken
I want to go back to the times when nothing was wrong
I feel the distance between you and me, who didn’t know anything

Get away Get away Get away
Don’t say my name
I hate this crazy love, crazy

Save Me Oh Save Me
And be careful I’m like fire
From this time that has shattered because of you
Save Me Oh Save Me
And I won’t forget you liar
I can’t take it anymore, leave me (save me)

My feelings grow dull, my scars can’t be erased
Love feels like an extravagance, I just close my eyes
As if I’m shackled, the memories come to me
I can’t breathe, can you see me?

Save Me Oh Save Me
And be careful I’m like fire
From this time that has shattered because of you
Save Me Oh Save Me
And I won’t forget you liar
I can’t take it anymore, leave me (save me)

(You you you)
Before I loved you, I believed in love
The scars in my head, those broken pieces, let me go
I think I’ll go crazy, this love is a trauma

(You you you)
Before I loved you, I believed in love
Now stop, get away from me
I can’t erase you, this is the trauma in me

It's like I wrote it.... damn

10 Aug 2014

The Stars aka RPG ruined my life

It's known about me... fucked up relationships and mental disorders...

And today it got even worse. How? After... 3 years? OMG.

credits to HaMin

별을 줍고 보니 그저 볼품없는 돌덩어리다.
별을 좋아했던 마음으로 쥐고 있을 수 있었는데,
증명하듯 스스로 바스라져버리네.

이건 달이 되지 못했던 이유.

어차피 밤하늘에 빛나는 별은 많으니까.

My kokoro is brokoro.
Seriously... I could understand trolling back than, stupid connection, universe is small in the end.
They are not "over there, playing soccer" they are still here, they are still connected. I swear they are.

How can I disconnect under these conditions?!


27 Jul 2014

Finishing Rooftop Prince

So! I am now going to watch ep. 18 - while there are 20 episodes of Rooftop Prince. It rly IS destroying my nerve, lol.

I am watching this drama almost every night.
Night.. means after 12 PM.
I am totally dead already. My kokoro is brokoro!

And I know... when I finish it I will sure fall in depression because it is over!!

I will need something sweet indeed!

But I need to be strong! .. and mabye re-watch it (ROFL)


16 Jul 2014

LOKA - it finally happened

Hah, I have to write also personal bullshits, not only official "report" from the concert.

I was so fuckin touched I even fucked up the interview.
Well well.. let's hope for another chance in another life :D

So this is my personal fangirlboying bullshit... don't take it too serious or you will explode.

Firstly I made a "flag" - Freak Dolls version - for ma boys. I don't think it was perfect but what.. it's Freak Dolls :D It was signed by the fans later before the concert :)
Hmmm I have met some mates I really wanted to meet. Including Hiroko who lives 300 metres away from my house, lol.
It was great to meet Muffin (and get hug *awwww*) and his cute friend (such a beauty). Also my bro (god this guy is the most funny troll I know), Munamu and Maki ( <3 ) Also my darling Martinek and Miru (and his cute bf). I loved to see ya all, even those who are not written here ofc, I won't write all the names down, are u crazy?! :D
Also thanks to Margaret who gave me BANANA Margot <3

The waiting for VIP session was long but we all understand our dear KEN'ICHI needs some rest because of his broken leg. So the show had delay. But whatever.
During the VIP session we was banned to take selfies with the band. It's our habbit, damn! :D

After the session Kihiro took me backstage (god damit) to make the interview. I was sorta down because of my illness (still not ok) and I was nervous than for the first time I made the interview with Ryohei (kami bless this guy). I fucked up the start and so the rest was not even better. At least I recieved some hugs and said KEN'ICHI to get better soon.

Back to the first line and show can beggin. We was warned not to make videos. Soon after the show begun I even throw my camera away. Storm is not the best club for poor camera as mine, also my position was >stucked in first line in front of bass< and it was so energic I wanted to enjoy this show. I was waiting for two damn years!!

(foto by tour managers cr. to LOKA)

The show was great and they played all my fave songs.
Thanks kami I was on the side of the stage where none was touching the musicians so I even enjoyed the show. Then KEN'ICHI took his shirt off (and fangirls fainted), then SIN took his shirt off (didn't notice for long minutes). Kihiro is great vocalist, his vocal is strong and he can be melodic too.
Thanks to the japanese lady next to me who had a fan and she fan everyone around her.
Encore for two times. Second encore was along with my fall on the stage cuz of the dickheads behind me. Kihiro looked at me and asked "are you okay?!" (omfg so embarassiiiiing!!!). Yeah, go on, man :D
Poor KEN'ICHI, but he did such a great show and played so good! Katsumi.. I have feelings for his bass, that's all (yes, he gave the guitar pick to the guy behind me, damn!!).I couldn't see SIN much even if he is really my fave member I was on the other side of the stage (damn). And Kihiro is just badass, great communication with fans, touching speech... he said something very important on the stage (not only to me I guess). He surprised me and few tears ran down. Also I got bro fist in the end, hell yeah :D

I was really upset and angry about the guitar pick (I wished for my first guitar pick already and LOKA is important band to me, since I promoted them for such a long time.). But there is still signing session... so we bought some stuff and were waiting for boys to come. The signing session was the most epic one I have been through. I couldn't hold myself back and hugged SIN again (he is such a sweet heart I can't !!) and wished KEN'ICHI good luck again (he is cool, cute and polite guy). I have signed photoset and my beloved phone case *yay*. Then Hiro-chan made the decision - let's get boobs signed! So few of them + bro Jiry made it happen :D We cried later with manager I didn't take a video of boys sighing Jiry's chest (because the Kihiro's face that time was priceless)...

And it is still not the end! There was something special - chekis with fans! Wooooo!
I was not sure to buy it but in the end I did :D
And high five (double) with everyone after it was done. (And hugged Kihiro and KEN'ICHI cuz they were sitting next to me - lol it was typical crazy motherfucker me, out of the limit).

There is a video from next morning (we were out for whole night - till 5 AM when our first train was leaving, got home at 8 AM).
My breathing troubles and cough got much worse (what a surprise) and I couldn't talk cuz of the throat pain.

Else I am really really glad and thankful I finally saw LOKA live and I hope to meet them again somehow soon :)
Sorry for my fangirling but well I really did my best with the promo and shits. And I couldn't see them last year and was pretty upset about it. Once I even suggested to manager to bring them to Czech Republic cuz I was already so hopeless. And then one day the Czech Republic appeared on the tour list. I was the happiest banana when I found out :)

And soooo ~
I hope to see you soon, guys.
KEN'ICHI you better take some rest and get well soon!
SIN stay awesome.
Kihiro stay badass :D
Katsumi, man, you have awesome bass (and next time pass the guitar pick to me).

THANK YOU, LOKA!!!! for the great time :)

7 Jul 2014

Yoochun strikes

Have you ever been posessed?


Since yesterday I am...

But then I realized...
DBSK was first K-pop group I have ever heard and watched the MV of...

And I am like...

But my ultimate bias from DBSK/then even JYJ was always

But since today I spam with Yoochunnie everywhere...

Not even sorry!



27 Jun 2014

Yo! Youtube channel

Forgot to say I am sorta active on my youtube channel... so check it out (and don't hate guys, don't hate! :D)

7 May 2014

I am back!

Hello after million years!
I am still alive.

Well well I thought I could start blogging again since I am very tired of facebook and shits...
I have spent the most time on tumblr, then instagram and I ended up on twitter...
I am still daily instagrammer but I am not so active on tumblr anymore... tumblr friends dissapeared and everything was just annoying...

I don't even know why I need to say this, lol.

Anyways, I thought I will make a list of concerts I've attended this year and mabye in 2013 as well because there were some great gigs ♥ (And I also missed some important ones >< )

Also I wanted to tell one little story containing BJD... mabye I will tell later ^^

I am going to ANIMEFEST (Brno) day after tomorrow. To be honest I have nothing prepared! I guess my young master will kill me even if I am demon and so I can't be killed like this. But his glare of doom.. you know...

That's all for today.
Let's see if I can be active :D

10 Jan 2014

Tom and Jerry I.

You know that moment when Tom is sleeping peacefuly and jerry just sneaky enters the room and tries to wake Tom up by the worst way he can think about?
So that’s exactly the moment.
With pot and wooden spoon in his hadns Jerry stands up above Tom.
While Tom suddenly turns around still seeping. The blanket uncovers his chest.
Oops. Shirtless.
Jerry is frozen.
„Damn!“ whispers Jerry and Tom moans from the dream.
Jerry’s cheeks are going red.
Poking Tom with wooden spoon.
“Hey… Hey..“ frowns.
„Ummmmh?“ Tom slowly waking up.
Tom is on his feets in a second.
„You!!“ shouts and pointing on Jerry. But then he just stops cuz Jerry…
Jerry is staring at him with mouth opened while his face is going all red.

„Damn“ peeps „You…sleep naked!!“

(sorry for just a sketch, I need to finish the illustrations later~)