3 Dec 2013

What a day

Sometimes bi-polar is being good. If it is good day finally :D

First thing I was able to do today was...
To bake cookies

(you can see the recipe I don't use anyway.. cuz I never follow these :D)

(not sure if it should be like that but well...)


Ok, next stage... post officer is in front of my doors!!
What should it be? (Expecting too much packages I guess...)
Oh I almost cried about the "CD" written on the pack :D You can read about the album in previous post.

And while ago I checked latest episode of Diabolik Lovers and I am stressed again .. but in good way, haha.

And Ayato-kun... I am starting to falling for him (waaaaaah)!

Dat's it 

ICON - Iconic oh Disco (No Min Woo) review

It's finally here!

Firstly I was not sure about this single because you know the ROCKSTAR song was too.. disco for me :D
Lately I have checked other songs and I fell for it and ordered the album - with PHOTOBOOK of course!!

Now I should stop bleeding and start taking this serious...

Ok I love the case of the CD. Is solid and pretty good. On video you can check what is inside..
About the photobook  - there is colorful part and black&white part - pictures for these two parts are the same. So in the end there is just one portion of potos. Photos are not that great as I expected.
I still love it but please, Rose, next time get another photographer OR photo editor. 

Material of the poster and also pages in photobook and paper used on case is solid and good :)

Video (sorry webcam quality)

Music : 

Overall: ★(★)

The world is now even a bit darker cuz one of my stars faded away

Sorry I am not able to say more now..