10 Jul 2012

Matoki project - stage III

That's not really Matoki project.. or mabye it is, not sure.
I always loved bunnies, that's why...

So this is about taking pictures of bunnies.
It started with white ones cuz of one precious girl who loves Dae - and his color for mato is white.

And this is my new bunny toy...
Didn't named him/her (her cuz of the pink bow but who cares, ..it's him and he's gay XD ) yet... suggestions?


  1. my suggestion is Kekemato <3 ah bunnies~ ♥

    1. super gay bunny Kekemato?? :DD
      phone- Chan
      notebook Shishi
      bunny Keke?? it sounds pretty... like hmm..some kind of obssesion.
      Fitting :D


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