16 Jul 2012

I regret nothing but...

Well I can't say I regret anything in my life. I would lie if I say that.
But in the end sometimes I think a lot. Memories come back to me even if I don't want to. In fact I try to push them away. So I can stay sane. 
But is this true? Can we stay sane just like this? Lately I don't think so and it became much more difficult you know.
What I can do about dreams. Or thoughts sneaking into my mind...
Probably not much.

I have hurt many people I guess. I would like not to be like that... But not to do it I shouldn't talk to anyone. I mean is it my fault everyone wants something completely different from me?
Do you wanna marry me, have a baby and house and two dogs? Screw that shit! Do you wanna have sex with me? Fuck off. 

I don't wanna..just please! Take it!

I watched one documentary some time ago. It was about the simple thing girl can't be just friend with boy. I thought... fuck, poor bisexuasl.. as me. 
You know what? That's true. Even if you will try to be just friends it won't happen.

I don't mind loneliness but I would like to have some friends at least. 

It won't happen either.

This is not any fuckin emo post -another one.
It's just fuckin true one.

And I still regret nothing.
Accept it.

That's easy as shit...

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I don't hate anyone. I believe we should not hate on people. But I hate my haters, obviously.