26 Jul 2012

Korea is fake! thay said...

Pretty please guys... take the rummors and push them all to your fuckin small ass. Thank you.

What rummors: Korea fake BOY! okay they mabye do. Like some korean stores have very similar designs okay?
chinca! who would wear fake on world stage???

Just THINK! about it.

"It’s all well and good that Big Bang have caught a glimpse of this label and are now promoting it largely by wearing it on stage, but the best part is the price: though the label is by no means cheap, it is affordable, meaning anybody can buy at least one ‘BOY London’ item and not leave a searing hole in their bank balance!"

BOY London also put THIS on its official website.
So they just promote fakes??? Ah, well it makes sense.

They tweet B.A.P. No Mercy MV just because it's fake too he?
Well again - it makes sense!...Wait. NO. It does NOT!!

NOW I am asking you - prove it's true (about fake clothes) or please SHUT THE FUCK UP. Thank you!

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