6 Aug 2011

GD shaved - reasons?

why GD shaved his head?



It made me smile... :D

most popular bazillion reasons ppl have:

1. kiko hurt him and now he wants to start fresh /

2. he decided to counterattack /

3. it’s his next album’s style /

4. too hot so he shaved it /

5. his stylist did a practical joke on him /

6. he lost a bet /

7. he woke up too early and that’s what happened /

8. to let you know that shaved head can still be at the forefront of korea’s fashion trend /

9. can inspire him to write new songs /

10. wants to know if girl fans will copy him /

11. getting ready to go to the army



(I hope the 11 isn't true -  I am not sure, 10. is pretty funny XD I wanna see what will happen.., 7. killed me !! XD)




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