10 Aug 2014

The Stars aka RPG ruined my life

It's known about me... fucked up relationships and mental disorders...

And today it got even worse. How? After... 3 years? OMG.

credits to HaMin

별을 줍고 보니 그저 볼품없는 돌덩어리다.
별을 좋아했던 마음으로 쥐고 있을 수 있었는데,
증명하듯 스스로 바스라져버리네.

이건 달이 되지 못했던 이유.

어차피 밤하늘에 빛나는 별은 많으니까.

My kokoro is brokoro.
Seriously... I could understand trolling back than, stupid connection, universe is small in the end.
They are not "over there, playing soccer" they are still here, they are still connected. I swear they are.

How can I disconnect under these conditions?!


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