7 May 2014

I am back!

Hello after million years!
I am still alive.

Well well I thought I could start blogging again since I am very tired of facebook and shits...
I have spent the most time on tumblr, then instagram and I ended up on twitter...
I am still daily instagrammer but I am not so active on tumblr anymore... tumblr friends dissapeared and everything was just annoying...

I don't even know why I need to say this, lol.

Anyways, I thought I will make a list of concerts I've attended this year and mabye in 2013 as well because there were some great gigs ♥ (And I also missed some important ones >< )

Also I wanted to tell one little story containing BJD... mabye I will tell later ^^

I am going to ANIMEFEST (Brno) day after tomorrow. To be honest I have nothing prepared! I guess my young master will kill me even if I am demon and so I can't be killed like this. But his glare of doom.. you know...

That's all for today.
Let's see if I can be active :D

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