18 Aug 2014

Autumn, sweet Autumn

Everyone is crying cuz summer is almost over.
I am celebrating!

First of all I can't stand hot weather.
Secondly I love autumn and winter. Just because.

Also it's time for my AUTUMN PEARLS, as every year! Excited about the raindrops, haha.

The last week was mostly rainy and cloudy and not hot at all. I am happy for that, hope it will last longer.

Also I am totally bad at replying on messages and studying.
My brain is tired from doing nothing and even if I love autumn it causes me troubles. I can hardly move (viva Brufen!) and my head is like to puke most of the day. Plus insomnia. Not like I am complaining about anything. Just saying.

I should be study with studying instead of this I am active on tumblr and twitter and I am getting tired of it.

Well and I started japanese drama (finally japanese one!!) Bloody Monday (recommended) and since my fave actors are acting there (I didn't check cast before..!) you can imagine me dead here :D

So, everyone, enjoy the last week of hollidays!
And have a nice autumn :P

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