8 Sep 2012

*nails* space nails

A piece of nailart I did today. Well it's nothing much but I really wanted to do it for a long time already.
I will show you pictures which inspired me and ofc my nails, lol.

Okay now mine went like this:

I used:
violet: dark violet polish - Avon, light lila polish - Avon, purple glitters
blue: dark blue polish - essence, mint polish - Avon, green-blue glitter polish, blue glitters

And how did I make it

Firstly: put dark nailpolish, then use lighter nailpolish and apply with sponge

Apply glitter nailpolish and glitters.
You are done :3

..looks much better live...I bet...

Now more pics for inspiration :)

If U try, link me back. 
I wanna see :3

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