16 Sep 2012


This is about ending another era.
This is not negative post.
Repeat: this is NOT negative post.

Okay. I have deactivated my personal facebook account.
I will have to activate it soon because of the contact there, but I will deffinitely clean it up somehow. Also stop using this shit so offten (I mean for personal things - otherway I need it to promote other things).

No matter how I try I always find out people=shit. They are so fuckin evil..as hell XD
Well guys, I have enough for the time being so I quit.
About activating my mind and heart it's not that easy as with facebook account lol. So it may take some time. I have already learned not to take some things so seriously. I know life's go on and I have two legs to stand up again if I fall.
I have to work hard. I am not allowed to trust people. I have to learn this. To remember this.
Take it easy. That's what I have to learn...how to.

So after all even if this is about how people dissaponted me, it's positive post!
I didn't got the power, but I am warrior and one of a kind. No mercy with you, guys.
I will fight for freedom.

No matter how hard you will try to put me down.
I will always stand up again. Soon or sooner :D It depends...

This is not complaining about life at all. I have not so bad times. There are people suffering muuuuuuch more. I know that. This is about the shitty people and I would like them to wake up. Seriously. Just grow up a little.

I have no time for your idiotic childish shits. (what a nice vocabulary lol).

End of story.

Please DO NOT FEED ZOMBIES. They do not eat shits.

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I don't hate anyone. I believe we should not hate on people. But I hate my haters, obviously.