16 Jan 2012

New age

-to be reborn-

To walk the street today I felt... good.
Like a new person. Everything was new like for a baby. Every smell, every sound...even sunshining. Everything was nice, kind and interesting to me.
My face was not like that. It was like...suffering. But I was really in good mood.

I didn't pass today's exam. So I am lil bit pissed off. But still feeling like a new person. Alive again.
Able to feel the world outside.

Nice to meet you, world.

I need to get out from this Republic, I can feel it.

I can feel it everytime I am abroad. To take a deep breath on other places makes me happy. I can't explain that. You can think I am just spoiled and I should be thankful to live here and not in Africa as poor orphan. Yeah. I think so. But this is about the feeling. About travelling about getting to know new places, people, nature, ...everything. I love that. I didn't travell so much so far. But I really wish to.

I am going to live again.

I can feel it now. The mask is broken and I can go on...




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  1. To jsem ráda, že se cítíš líp ... a osobně myslím, že Tobě se podaří někam odjet. Když to tak moc chceš. ;)


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