3 Jun 2015

NonbinAri's diary #4

About rare people who ask the prefered pronoun and other queer things.

It's sad to say... but in fact there are just few people who ever asked me about my prefered pronoun.
And you actually can't say "they live in binary world so they don't have any idea" ... it's about the respect. Cuz usually people around me KNOW I am queer (oh my god, even some of teachers know and there is minimal contact!). 
It's about the thing they CAN'T or they DON'T WANT to respect the fact NOT EVERYONE is cisgender. All the qeer are "weird and there is something wrong with them and they should go to see a doctor to have some treatment..." Like seriously? 

I could tell many many many many stories about transphobia, homophobia and many other shits. 

In my class there used to be 70 people. Most of them knew "I am weird". I would say 80% of these people thought I am lesbian and the rest didn't know (don't want to know) I even exist. 
For example schoolmates (girls) sitting next to me talking loud how homosexual people are NOT NORMAL and they should take some pills to get to normal because it's just a disease. Actually sending me to see a doctor because I am suffering from terrible disease and I should be cured.
And this is world we are living in.
Qeers trying to survive and the other ones trying to "cure" us or erase us because "there is nowhere we belong."
 So I just wanna say - I respect people who respect me. Who ask me what my prefered pronoun is... or even "what are you today" (so they can call me right pronoun) is so rare... while it should be so fuckin normal. 

THANKS everyone who respects anything which is not fitting in his/her/their world anyways. It's so important to learn how to live in this world together. There is not only white and black color you know.

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