2 Jun 2015

NonbinAri's diary #3

My first language problems...

I find it easier for English speaking countries to respect the pronoun someone prefers somehow.
For example in my language we put "a" ending with the verbs.

English: he did x she did
Czech: on dělal x ona dělala

So for the girls there is something extra. While I really dislike to being called a girl and I prefer male pronoun (because in my language it's really difficult to use gender neutral one) I am actually non-binary. Also the names are strictly male or female (for second names we use "ová" ending with females - he: Novák, she: Nováková). Fuck.

So I am misgendered ALL THE TIME even if I can't really blame the people for it... Some of them can't accept my choice to use male pronoun rather than female pronoun, some of them don't know how to apply it on me and so on.

Sometimes to use English is just less confusing, for everyone. Cuz my language just CAN'T be neutral. While I am fuckin neutral.

Well shit happens.

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