9 May 2015

SHITS people think about me but are NOT true

I KNOW none is interested but lately I feel soooo frustrated I have to spit it out or I will go up in flames soon.


  1. I am a girl.
  2. I am a boy.
  3. I am sexual person.
  4. I am lesbian.
  5. I am gay.
  6. I like skin shipping.
  7. I am ideal partner (for the rest of the life).
  8. I have lot of free time.
  9. I have no life.
  10. I am easy.
  11. I am scary and rude.


  1. I am agender.
  2. It means nonbinary.
  3. I am asexual.
  4. I can't be lesbian nor gay cuz I am agender/genderblind/genderless/but sometimes feel like genderfluid 
  5. So in this case I am both lesbian and gay.
  6. I mohterfuckin hate skinshipping!!! Till you are really someone who I love and want to touch, DO NOT FUCKIN TOUCH ME! Also I am really uncomfortable if people touch me first so just stay away, pls, even if you are rly close to me (actually none is rly close to me so fuck off, thank you).The fact I hug people for greeting has nothing to do with skinship. I sometimes touch people I like (so you can also send me to hell if you feel like it's uncomfortable for ya).
  7. I am not, you will run away anyways so don't even try to get close to me at first, thanks.
  8. What is free time actually?
  9. Yeah, I have no life in your universe but you even don't exist in mine, so bye.
  10. Haha, try me.
  11. Oh fuck, this one is true.

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I don't hate anyone. I believe we should not hate on people. But I hate my haters, obviously.