31 Oct 2012

Even if I try

And sometimes even if you try, the people around you give hard times to you.
Does it affect my karma if a human being hates me even if I really did anything bad? Well I think it does. But it's up to you how you will make it clear.
But it's sometimes very hard to explayn anything to anyone.
They don't wanna listen.
But it's my bad I gave up before trying everything..
Like to write a letter. Or to meet that person face to face... in fact I gave up cuz I know the person so perfectly I know she would not listen to me. She's the only one who has right to decide what is wrong and what is right. Even if it's completely opposite...what she thinks is the only right result.
I am afraid of loosing all my energy just by trying...
But in the end it is my fault cuz I should try no matter what, right?

So if I came to this life because of this - and to solve this with this soul - I didn't pass. I failed.
Mabye it need some time and she will come down and I will have a chance to tell what I want to tell...
But I don't give it much chance cuz' she will never accept an opinion of anyone else but hers.
I know that for sure because I have already tried...

You think I am emo and I try to solve idiotic things?
Do you know what is life about?
Do you know the meaning?
Do you know why are you here?
Did you find out already?

I did in some way. And I have to do my best to make all the missions I've got.
This is mabye one person and one problem but it may be very important in this life .. this one life.

Should I tell you about reincarnation? Should I tell you you really should try hard .. to.. get to know... to realize the meaning of it all?
Should I tell you you won't be safe even in hell or heaven? Because if you won't make it right you can't reach next level and you will have to make it again and again and again..

If you already know you will understand.
If you don't believe.. you will mabye find out one day.
If you think this is big shit, you will mabye find out later next live or mabye never. Well that's a sad story.
Or mabye you are not ready but don't worry... the time will come.

Good luck with your tasks. Life tasks. This life tasks.

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