8 Feb 2012

Park Ki Woong

park ki woong

  • Name: 박기웅 / Park Ki Woong (Park Gi Wung)
  • Profession: Actor, model
  • Birthdate: 1985-Feb-13
  • Height : 181cm
  • Weight: 69kg
  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Blood Type: O
  • Talent agency:My Name Is


TV Shows





park ki woong


I got know him from movie Someone behind you (aka Voices)


He used to be so cool there! I loved the character and it he end of movie he smiled for few times! I was dead and it happend I was fangirling during watching horror movie XDD omg he was such a cutie there!!

Then I had to google who the hell is this boy...

park ki woong


He's jutst handsome :)




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  1. It was the same how I noticed him. He looked so cool in "Someone behind you" *___* so mysterious.


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