29 Jan 2013


I thought, I won't be forced to forget again.
But today I saw this..

And I thought... OMG I just wanna forget it all.

I mean.. If I were honest and sincere all the time but the others wasn't... it made a big hole. I honestly want to forget it now. You can always keep the good memories with you. But I can't. Because everything was a lie. I hate lies. Then there is no pretty memory, because even if it was nice it was a lie.

Remember the phoenix they said. To die, to be born again. And again. And again.
Ah guys, I am so tired. I envy those young people who just leave all behind, all the people, all the things they love... and become someone else.
I personaly don't udnerstand how can you just push away the things like music and this kind of stuff away just like that never happened. But I am still envy :D Life would be easier. I am just too old to make it I guess.

To see this kind of pictures will always reminds me the betrayal, the lies, the fake love. And because I can't leave the things I like behind I will be always fuckin sad as I am right now, won't I?

Where is "new start"? Because it became to the end so there should be some start. Ne?

And what the hell I am talking about again...?!! Someone should stop me.
I blame the fuckin picture! :D


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