21 Jan 2013


About disbanding....
When you think, life can't be even worse... it will teach you it CAN.

This is the worst thing happening in last few months as I can say. You know there are ppl giving me very hard times. And other things but...
This is... I didn't think it will come. Just someone tell me why?!
Ando is going to disband.
All the AGENTs are broken. Including me.

And - Ando - ―アンド―, AND& - ECCENTRIC AGENT-

Ikuma’s message:

It’s been a suprising announcement and personally I don’t even realize yet, that it has been announced.  I think the hole in my heart won’t be empty until the moment it (announcement) will become reality. It simply doesn’t fit the arrangement.
This decision was of course made by all the members and it has been announced consciously, but we were thinking of different things in our distant future, which in the end haven’t come true, so we have no choice but to greet the final performance.
Because personally I’m still not able to deal with that all, I think that all of the fans being AGENTs, after seeing this announcement, are even more broken up.
I’m filled with the feeling of being sincerely sorry to everyone, who believed in us that much. During those 5 years and last few months I met a lot of people, I was able to sympathize with lots of feelings, I was really happy.
I can say with confidence, that I haven’t loved anyone else more than AGENTs.
So the day in which I have to part with you all, is for me the same as throwing my life away.
So life is cruel, because it doesn’t allow me to go further.
But anyways our bonds and friendship isn’t gone, as well as songs, words, memories, I’m going to continue that all and I think that I’ll go ahead still together with band mates. If it’s possible, I want AND songs and memories to be the strength to move forward also for all of you.
It’s still some time remaining till the final performance and during the LIVEs prior to it, I still want to fool around without any change.
Because I want to enjoy present time more than past one.
So I wish you all to show me your smiles until the end.
Let’s enter the final mission together, because of that unique bond or more we made.
It’s still too early for farewell words.
Until then, I’m feeling the death is coming.
Or even more.

I would like to tell you, AGENTS, be strong! The mission is not completed yet!!! But... I have no power now to say that....
And to see my boys suffering as well... but telling us to be strong... it's killing me.

Suzune (ex. drumer and my the mos fave member) said
Good Evening. 
I'm sorry for being so slow on the updates for this long.

Today, my band of origin, AND, has announced they are disbanding. 

I don't think it's anyone's business, but in some respect, I feel lonely. 

I personally have a strong emotional attachment to that band, though I can't hide my surprise for
the path the guys have chosen. 

Right now there's nothing for me to say, but I think I will eventually come to accept it. 
It's odd for me to say, but true in the end.
Suzune writes: ex drummer for AND
He is very surprised and sorry that AND is disbanding.

KEN's message to AGENTs
To all the AGENTs cheering us until now
I’m really sorry for this sudden announcement. During this time (in band) I became 23 years old, even if I was only 17.
And only because of you all, who supported me in various ways, I was able to work for so long. Thank you.
I am really filled with gratitude.
The time, in which I was AND’s bass player, became my treasure. Moreover, AND is my youth.
From now on, I’ll work hard no matter which way I’ll choose.
I will also work hard to make my new dreams come true. Sincerely thank you.

Kili's message
At the beginning
I want to say sorry to all of AGENTs, who truly loved AND.
I want to say sorry for being such an unreliable leader.
I was painfully, amazingly afraid of making decision to give that announcement.
Until now I naturally never even thought that AND may suddenly disappear.
But there was nothing more I could do all of my own before this decision and then, I was thinking if this answer is not going in the wrong direction, I’m still thinking about this.
And because it was the topic, about which members decided to talk a lot, I accept this reality, even if I still feel frustrated.
I’m really happy that I was able to have the best experiences in my life with you all!
But it seems that mission is not completed yet!
Let’s rage and rock this mission till the end$$$
And let’s laugh for the last time!

PECO's message to AGENTs
It’s PECO from AND.
After the Higashimeihan (Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka) one-man tour in April AND is going to be disbanded.
Although I feel many different emotions, I won’t speak about them for now.
Don’t ever regret things you say. There’s still some time left till the time of our promise.
I think it may cause many rumors, but anyways I’ll leave it to 
your imagination.
To continue, to pause activity, there were lots of possibilities, but we didn’t want to make the decision halfway - I think it’s manly, in AND’s style.
Thank you for letting me stand on the stage till this day.

Kaji’s message to AGENT’s

I wasn’t able to be with you even a half of the time (of band’s existence), but during those 2 and a half of a year many different things had happened.
But now, every of those memories is an irreplaceable memory.
I am very proud that I could spend those 2 and a half of a year with members,
And with you all,
I am glad that we were able to grow together.
Of course I also hope that I still will be able to coexist and co-prosper with everyone through the music.

Thank you guys for everything.
I am AGENT forever.
Thank you for being so awesome musicians, thank you for giving us a lots of laugh every time.
Thank you for being so good band mates.
Thank you for music you gave us.


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