29 Nov 2012

I am now sure

You did everything in purpose...

To destroy me. Dunno what you keep against me. Like what made you hate me.
In fact I am sick of you. To know what have you done.
Just in case you would some day read this. You can't never put me down like those before you did.
I worked hard on it not to let the same things happen.

I KNOW who you are. And it's not really nice. Not at all.
I promise you everything is counted. Every single lie, every single one.
You will find out later. In the end. In the end of this big lie.
In fact I am happy to know the fact you will understand in the end this is not the way we should choose.

Also I think you are too dumb to take it now. So I have to wait... a lot of time left. But it doesn't matter. I am sure you won't learn - in this life.

Good luck. You liar.
You have tried to put down and completely destroy someone who only took care of you. Did everything for you and was always thinking of you even if I knew you are just using me... for some time already.

To use people like a piece of ..whatever... is not right thing.
But to who am I talking now.

Fuck you, screw you, I know this hate will cost me something as well BUT it will be more for you.

You will see.

Goodbye, fucker.

you took everything away from me. money, selfconfidence and friends.
never loved me, always used me like a fuckin bitch.
destroyed my hard work I've been workin on at least for two years.
I still cannot say I hate you for this.
But I hate you for the fact who you are.
Very fuckin ugly bitch. Fat bitch. Fat ugly bitch.
thank you for destroying me. But. I can be reborn as phoenix. I am phoenix.

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I don't hate anyone. I believe we should not hate on people. But I hate my haters, obviously.