18 Jun 2012

New Heights - Nightmare

lyrics + sogng

(ft. Brian Joo)

I got the feeling that we’ve just gone crazy
Running in circles that we’ve been through lately
We can’t keep doing this tonight I’m gonna run from it
I need to get away, I need to get away
You seem to act like there was no frustration
But I’ve been caught up in this situation
Played your conniving game to find that you’ve already won
You kept me on a string, you had me listening

I don’t wanna forgive, I don’t wanna relive
I don’t wanna dream this nightmare with you
You told me that you need me, loving you was easy
Just want to leave this nightmare with you

I always knew you wanted something that I couldn’t be
Doing whatever just to try and change me
But you’re not making up my mind I’m still an activist
No, I won’t stand for this, I just can’t stand for this
And when I told you that I won’t be leaving here
We never meant a single word, I thought you made that clear
I had you watch me walk away nut you weren’t worth the call
I’m gonna let this go, I’m gonna leave it all


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