18 Jun 2012

Curry Paste

Red one - Green one - Yellow one

So this is about curry paste.
I love curry. It's one of the best thing on this fuckin' world.

I used curry paste like thi picture I stole somwhere on internet (sorry man, credits to you whoever you are) just few weeks ago.

Till thad day I used just the japanese curry (in containers or how do you want to call it) it looks like that

(again too lazy to take pictures by myself, but I have one package in my fridge XD )

It's really very delicious and I love to cook it. It's nothin' difficult about it. You can check the link below picture and see... (this is gonna be about curry paste not how to cook this one)

Okay let's move.

First there is red and green curry paste you can buy easy - for Czech I bought it in Tesco.

Green one is tasty, lil bit spicy, okay let's say spicy. But nothing you should be worry about.
Looks like this:
(picture finally mine)

(via google XD I have already ate the mine)

Ingredients: chilli, lemon grass, soybean oil, garlic, galangal, salt, sugar, E202
Složení: chilli, citronová tráva, galanga, sojový olej, sůl, česnek a konzervantík

It's my second fave.

For the red paste

(picture mine :3)

Well I thougt it will be pretty spicy. Sad to say it's not. It's the most mild one.

Ingredients: Garlic, Shallot, Soybean oil, chilli, salt, sugar, lemon grass, galangal, E202
složení: česnek, šalotka, sojový olej, chilli, sůl, cukr, citronová tráva, galanga, glutamát sodný

What the heck is the difference? Well not much about ingredients it seems.. but for taste it's big deal.
I made this yesterday

Picture mine, edit with instagram, don't take this pic for yourself pls.

Well this is fish, cabbage, carrot, red curry. And noodles.

It was not spicy at all so I had to add more and more chilly :D
Btw I can't help myself but it taste like kimchi. So I called this curry "kimchi curry" ...lol.

Now for the last and BEST one.

Yellow curry paste

I have this one bought in Korean shop, Prague.

picture mine
 (via google)

This is absolutely the best one!
Similar to japanese curry taste.
I use it the most and it's f*ckin' good, really. Need to buy another one since I eat it 5 times in week XD

Ingredients: Dried red chilli, shallot, garlic, spices, salt, lemon grass, turmelic, galangal
Složení: chilli, shalot, česnek, koření, sůl, citronová tráva, curcuma, galanga

As I think about it it's more spicy than green one I think. And I just like it better. Taste much more like curry after all.

 All the curry paste is made in Thailand. 

A suma sumárum česky?
Červené (pracovně kimchi curry) není vůbec ostré a pokud jste už zvyklí na nějaké to korejské papání, budete muset dochucovat (recenzuji pouze vyzkoušené, třeba je jiné  red curry od jiné značky ostřejší.)
Zelené je super, ale pořád tam maličko chybí do chuti curry, proto je moje nej žluté. Tomu prostě nemám co vytknout. Každopádně zelené i žluté jsou ostřejší než vyzkoušené červené.

Všechny tyto prezentované kousky pochází z Thajska. Červené a Zelené je v pytlíčku z Tesca (oddělení s podivným cizokrajným jídlem XD ) a žluté potom z korean shopu  v Praze. Všechno se bude dát sehhnat i na netu ;)

Eat curry and stay strong! 

Have a nice day ^^


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