2 Apr 2012

Don't eat it! it's my face mask!

So I decided my skin needs more care.
Cold water in the morning, warm in the evening and of course some cleansing water. Hmm not to use towel on my face but paper one.
Aaaand again face masks - homemade of course.

For today I prepared yogurth - even if I use cream cheese rather - with carrot.

yogurth and carrot

I use brush to put this on my face...doesn't it look yummy? :3

face mask

leave it leave it...
my skin so soft..haha

Weeeeh. So that's it. I mean I have dry skin. It needs some hydration.

I like to use yogurth + olive oil for my hair too. And yogurth + banana for face ^^ (going to make this one tmrw).



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