13 Mar 2015

10 reasons why you must love Kill me, Heal me

Korean drama Kill me, Heal me was just finished with the last brilliant episode.
Here are my 10 reasons why I love(d) this drama. And everyone should.

1. DID - multiple personality disorder
This is my fave thing. I was making stories with DID since ever and I just sypmatize with this shit... for 100%
I really loved the way personalities were switching and how all the personalities were different (age and gender included).

2. Ahn Yoo Na
Oh-my-god. Everyone needs to love her. It's the best female character ever... performed by male character. Her personality and her look. Her "oppa". Her eye when she spots handsome oppa. This wench you must love.

3. Shin Se Gi
Looks like I am going to bring all the personalities? Actually not. But this rude violent but childish badass you have to love. Complete troll.

3. The twins 
Which are actually not twins. What suits these two the most? It's comedy indeed.
And the other twins (Cha's personalities), they are also perfect. Suicidal boy and Yoo Na. Wow.

4. Omega
I love tragic characters. In this drama it's Oh Ri On. The one whose heart is broken but he is playing strong and support his love. Yeah. So unrealistic but so nice. Plus his personality just suits me. It would be great troll buddy... and drinking buddy... actually he is the greatest brother ever. Oppaaaaa!

5. The drama
It's not dramatic as other doramas but it's also not boring tho. Tragedy of one person who couldn't take all the pain and so he created multiple personalities. Well it might look pathetic but at least it's sorta interesting and not cliché.

6. Twins' parents
I love the father. He's cool. And I love the way he's hitting Perry Park tho :D

7. The destiny
It's always good to see the fate is working.

8. Funny x Drama scenes
It's not the kind of drama which would be full of crying people but it's also not rly comedy cuz of the touching scenes. You will cry and sometimes you will cry by laugh (Yoo Na will make you!). So yeah... hilarous.

9. Little evil boy
Little Shin Se Gi. He is AWESOME. Kids in asian movies and dramas can be really evil. But this one is different. Shin Se Gi is handsome even as little kid, seriously!!

10. Ending
The last episode was touching but also funny. As the whole drama. Even if it was happy ending, it was touching how the personalities left and it could eventually make you cry.
Also the Omega scene with REAL GIRL named Yoo Na was incredible. I laughed my ass off.

Note: ep. 10, 14 and 20 are my the most fave (even if I love the whole drama teheee)

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